Begin With Breakfast

When you need to start your morning with more than just a cup of joe, Jack’s breakfast trays will kick start your day. From bagels to bacon and everything in between, our first light fare will please even the groggiest group.

Rise and Shine (15A) – $6.50 per person (min 10 people) includes:

  • Bagels with cream cheese, butter, margarine, and jelly
  • Choice of two (assorted muffins, danish, and/or donuts)
  • Choice of fresh fruit basket or fresh fruit salad bowl (seasonal)
  • Assorted yogurts
  • Orange juice
  • All paper products (small plates, napkins, forks, knives, spoons and cups)
  • Incorporate Breakfast Bagel Eggels or assorted breakfast wraps for an additional $2.95 each
  • Scrambled Eggs with Hash Browns or Grits for an additional $3.25 per person
  • Coffee service an additional $1.75 per person

A Little Somethin' Extra

  • Thick cut French toast with syrup (4 triangles) - $2.50 per person
  • Bacon (2 slices) - $1.25 per person
  • Pork Sausage (1 piece) - $1.25 per person
  • Turkey Sausage ( 2 pieces) - $1.75 per person

Wake up Call (15B) – $11.95 per person tray with:

  • Whitefish salad
  • Kippered salmon salad
  • Cream cheese & lox spread
  • Cream cheese & chives
  • Chopped herring salad
  • Lettuce, red tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and green pepper
  • Choice of two cheeses plus cream cheese
  • Bagels and pumpernickel bread
  • Fresh fruit salad bowl (seasonal)
  • All paper products (plates, bowls, napkins, forks, knives, spoons, and cups)
  • Coffee service an additional $1.75 per person

Prices are as is and are subject to change without notice. Call for exact price.

Pictures are representation. Actual tray may vary in shape or size.